Electrical Consultation in Naples FL

At Nemeth Electric, our friendly, courteous, and honest service at honest prices is our foundation. We believe that our customers are the most important element to our business. We want to meet and exceed your expectations.

This is why we are offering a new service, electrical consultation, to our clients, new and old.

These days it’s hard to find anything that works without electricity. That’s why we are offering electrical consulting. Our technicians will help create the designs and drawings need to power your buildings, installations, or systems.

Our electrical consultants can bring value to any project, big or small. We try to find the best possible solution to each project’s challenges. At Nemeth Electric, we believe that the best solutions are practical, sustainable, and cost effective.

Technology is always advancing but we have the expertise to stay on top and keep your job simple and maintainable. With over 35 years in the electrical field, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the input and technical know-how to complete your job.

We have seen and even worked on projects that have had incompetent or non-existent electrical consultants. The job takes a longer time to get completed and time and money is wasted. As your electrical consultant, Nemeth Electric will provide the following:

  • A variety of knowledge, having worked in many different fields of electrical
  • A balance between all aspects of the jobs and their unique systems
  • Complete overseeing of the job from the beginning to the end

We want to create a long lasting relationship with you, your family or company. Call us today to consult with an electrician to see what we can provide to you.